Our solutions provide Design and Development of Software, Firmware and Hardware customized for each project. We are Senior Engineers with more than 16 years of experience in design and developing new products and Technology Solutions.



Our skilled team design brings FPGA development expertise to projects in areas including video, high-speed memory and network interfaces and advanced algorithm development.


Stantech provides a full range of embedded software services from simple bare metal solutions to sophisticated distributed systems. We offer embedded software development as a standalone service, or integrated with any microcontroller brand.


The hardware design services cover the full range of product development activities, from initial conceptualization through the management of volume production. Our print circuit board (PCB) design services include the development of digital and mixed-signal PCBs for a wide range of market applications include high-speed, high-density, digital, analog, high-voltage and RF and wireless designs.


Java & JavaScript

Companies turn to Java for its stability, flexibility and cross-platform opportunities. We provide Java software development services to provide our clients with high-quality and fail-safe applications. Our software development team has experience in Java technology and use their knowledge to deliver a wide range of software solutions like:

  • Customer relationship management systems.
  • Content management solutions.
  • Digital asset management tools.
  • Project management tools.
  • Supply chain management systems.
  • Migration from legacy technologies to Java.
  • Software systems optimization, reengineering and performance tuning.


We create business applications for global clients, cover the needs and empower them with multi-functional solutions to boost their business processes.

Among the solutions we deliver are:

  • Performance tracking applications.
  • Reporting and analysis systems.
  • Data processing systems.
  • Human Resources web management solutions.
  • Procurement solutions. (duda)
  • Migration from legacy technologies (e.g. Visual Basic / VB to .NET.)

Mobile iOS and Android Apps

Hands of experience in the creation of mobile applications for iOS, Android and HTML5 based on mobile websites. Our objective is to help clients make your mobile app of your business in a handy device, aligned this changing world increase their company efficiency. We deliver all types of functional mobile applications of any industry.


When you need to develop a software program quickly and confidently, you can’t go wrong with an industry standard like Python. This programming language combines decades worth of resources with simple, clear, developer-friendly modules for faster, easier builds. We can put this proven technology to work on your project.


New tool that will help you build a web application. The latest technology and trends in the web application development world are Angular and React, these ones are two of the most popular front-end development tools which means anything you create will be seen by the users of that specific app, we offer this service in any app you want.

AI ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE &  Augmented and Virtual Reality

Businesses have started to rely on AI and automation. This is due to the various benefits that come with automation such as human resources being released to do more important work, extra money can be saved, and most importantly you can invest in more skilled work. Our AI experts team help to develop an automatic system based in learning to make your business grow.